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A winner in 2021 Writer's Digest Self-Publish Competiotion
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2021 Writers Digest Honorable Mention

As Fate Would Have It

As Fate Would Have It

Do you control your life...or does Fate?

Chris wants to believe that he is in total control of his life. But after a near-death experience, someone - or something - has appeared in his sleep each night, trying to tell him differently. His dreams take him to a grave site guarded by a hooded figure who shows him the faces of strangers destined to die soon. At first, he accepts this as some sort of brain malfunction caused by his accident. But when he meets a young woman in his waking hours who also appears in his dream, he begins to question whether her seemingly predestined fate can be changed or not. Has her death already been determined...or can he defy the entity that has turned his dreams into nightmares?

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