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The Master Plant

The Master Plan

First Printing Attributes:
Published by IngramSpark in 2023
Publisher’s Price: $34.99-Hardback / $19.99-Trade Paperback
$5.99 eBook for Nook or Kindle

ISBN: 979-8-9876119-0-6 / 978-1-9772-3956-3

Book Cover Synopsis:
Seven. I laid in bed, not wanting to leave the warmth and false sense of security one feels when wrapped in their own familiar bed sheets, slowly reviewing everything Harry had unfolded for me the previous night. God must be a man of few words. Seven. That was all He had supposedly passed along to Harry through His messenger, Gabriel. And according to Harry, I was number five. Had the evening ended then, I would have just considered all I had heard as the ramblings of an old man looking desperately to find some meaning to his life before it ended. But the evening had not ended there...

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